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Selected Litigation Support Project Experience


  • People of State of California vs. Collins, California Superior Court (San Bernardino); MISSION retained as geotechnical engineering and mineral resources consultant and expert to CALTRANS; extensive discovery of geotechnical properties and alleged mineral value of Quaternary alluvial deposits alleged to contain industrial-grade clay deposits; included field investigation & physical-geochemical laboratory testing program. Eminent domain/land valuation dispute associated with major Interstate-15 interchange improvement project near Barstow. MISSION efforts contributed to favorable settlement terms for our client.


  • Kord Group HOA et al vs. Fieldstone Community Development et al; California Superior Court, Orange County; retained by law firms of Newmeyer & Dillion LLP and DEngstrom, Lipscomb & Lack, MISSION acted as hydrogeologic/hydrologic consultant and expert witness to both developer and property owners of hillside residential subdivision in matter involving large landslide triggered by rising groundwater conditions. MISSION=s efforts, including extensive field exploration and laboratory testing as well as trial testimony, contributed to favorable verdict for our clients, and against cross-defendant City of Anaheim whose adjacent 60-million-gallon reservoir was determined to be 100% responsible as groundwater source.


  • Harz et al vs. Zell et al, U.S. District Court -California Central District; working jointly with several law firms including Hatch & Parent, MISSION successfully acted as environmental/hydrogeologic consultant and expert witness (deposition and mediation conference) for CERCLA cross-defendant (dry cleaner owner/operator) named in San Roque regional groundwater contamination case in Santa Barbara, involving chlorinated solvents. Our efforts (field investigation, laboratory analysis, fate & transport modeling) resulted in de minimis allocation for our client with respect to CERCLA contribution.


  • Dyer Business Associates vs. Dinamation International Corp. et al, U.S. District Court – California Southern District; working with law firm of Brown, Pistone, Hurley & Van Vlear, MISSION provided environmental/hydrogeologic consulting and expert witness services (deposition) for client (Accurate Circuit Engineering, printed circuit board manufacturer) named as CERCLA contributor to chlorinated hydrocarbon contamination of soil and groundwater. MISSION=s efforts resulted in de minimis contribution settlement for our client. (Note: Case set CERCLA contribution precedent for limiting actions between PRPs.)


  • Home Depot et al vs. ASI et al; California Superior Court, Los Angeles County; working with law firm of Engstrom, Lipscomb & Lack, MISSION provided environmental consulting services (including deposition & mediation) on behalf of defendant and insurance carrier, in case involving environmental due diligence and remediation standard-of-care during real estate transfer.


  • Franscell et al vs. O=Bryan, L. Suehiro et al, U.S. District Court – California Southern District; retained by the City of Los Angeles Attorney=s Office, MISSION served as environmental consultants and experts (field investigation, sewer system and IWD permit investigations, laboratory analysis, fate & transport modeling) when City was named as a defendant in CERCLA contribution case involving significant soil & groundwater contamination by chlorinated solvents via sewer system leaks and poor waste management practices at large dry cleaning facility. City named in Plaintiff=s complaint due to public sewer maintenance issues. MISSION=s efforts contributed to City=s dismissal by Plaintiffs with prejudice (zero allocation of liability).


  • Ranchito Allegra vs. Access Controls et al, California Superior Court – Los Angeles County and United States vs. Lockheed-Martin et al, U. S. District Court, California Southern District; working with law firm of Anderson, McPharlin & Conners, MISSION provided environmental/hydrogeologic consulting and expert witness services to printed circuit board manufacturer (Access Controls Inc.) In both civil litigation and Federal CERCLA cleanup allocation for site impacted by chlorinated solvents within Glendale Operable Unit of San Fernando Valley Superfund NPL site. MISSION=s efforts (field investigations, laboratory analysis, fate & transport assessment) contributed to favorable settlement of civil case for our client and de minimis allocation in Federal CERCLA matter.


  • Southern California Water Company vs. City of Santa Monica, California Superior Court, Los Angeles County; (pending matter) working with law firm of Hatch & Parent, MISSION has been retained to provide services associated with adjudication of groundwater production rights in the Charnock Basin, West Los Angeles. Services include evaluation of operational and safe yield for the basin, groundwater management options and production well capture zones via numerical flow modeling.

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